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Friday, July 28, 2017

So Proud of my 2nd Degree Black Belt

I’ll make no bones about the fact that it has been extremely difficult  raising a child who is bipolar and has asperger’s.   We have never used her diagnosis as an excuse for her actions but what galls me on this occasion is that last night, on one of the biggest days of her life, I received not 1 but 2 telephone calls from people I barely know, telling me that a woman, mother of one her ‘friends’ and the daughter herself,  have been bad mouthing my child to anyone that would listen, and trying to get her in trouble.  These people, now 3 in total, have told me they have been doing this for a while all the time crusading themselves as my friends.  WHO would do this to a child let alone one who is mentally ill?   This is a type of bullying that I thought happened by low-life creeps not Christian moms pretending to be a friend.  

My child graduated high school this year (at 16), has a job, has her driver’s license, and just got her 2nd Degree Black Belt.  She has volunteered with rehabilitation services for the past 5 years, mostly with children,  which has brought her out, although minimally,  of the fog she constantly lives in.  She has a hard time making friends but is the kindest, most loving ad giving person a ‘friend’ could ever have.  She questions herself every day.  She hates the way she is and knows she is different and even though she perseveres, she is  still is unable to be the person she thinks she should be.  It has been hard and continues to be a heartbreaking situation every single day of our family’s lives. And I ask again, WHO would do this to a child; suffering with mental illness or not.

One thing I have not mentioned is that my child is not bitter or wants to strike back; it is her nature to only question what she has done wrong.  She knows she is hard to like, which she is not, but she has it in her head that she is unlikable and never blames anyone except herself.  I, on the other hand, am having an extremely hard time keeping the lid on my anger.  I do know that Satan puts stumbling blocks in your path but God always give you the option of  doing the right thing, i.e., forgiveness and turning the other cheek; I'm not there yet.     I ask again, WHO WOULD DO THIS TO A CHILD, let alone one who is struggling with mental illness.

I add this in closing, that if YOU, the woman and child who has been parading as my friend, read this, please know you have been found out and I know what has been going on now for apparently some time.  My naivety has gotten the best of me one more time.   How could you do this?  I trusted you.  I confided in you as friends do.  Did you not notice that when you talked about other mom’s I did not join in?  Did it not occur to you that bad mouthing people was wrong?  I was always so proud of your daughter and her achievements while you were secretly seeking to destroy mine.  I now question EVERY good thing I ever heard you say; I now think, or know, it to be a ruse.  Does your husband know you have been doing this?   Do you make fun of my MS and MCS and the surgeries I have had behind my back too or do you only pick on children?