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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Father's Day around the corner

So I made it to beautiful Wonderful Western North Carolina today around noon after having left Cleveland TN at 6:15 am.  I made a couple of pit stops.  One at Hyderhangout's NEW location in McCaysVille GA.  Hyderhangout Quilt Depot since it's hours correspond with the running of the local train.  It is so so cool.  I came on over via Hwy 64/74/19/23/40/19.  It was a beautiful scenic trip that takes to long that going by way of Knoxville and construction and heavy nightmare traffic.  Unless it's winter icy, I will not travel the Interstate 40 way again.  It's actually just a hair shorter if you can just drive and not stop and take pictures or shop which is what I did this morning.  I found a nice quilt shop Quilters Quarters in Waynesville NC.  Easy access off 19/23 off and on again in a breeze.

I hate to say this is really not a pleasure trip as my mom has not been feeling well and  a trip to the doctor is in order for tomorrow.  Normally I would be in bed but something hit me as I sat at this table.  This table that I did homework at and ate gravy and biscuits,with fresh cantelope.  A table where we ate hot biscuits and fresh honey right after my dad robbed the bees; one where I couldn't leave until I ate my eggplant - yech.  I still see my dad sitting in his place that since his death  is now occupied by my mom. remembering how the three of us children and parents fit so nicely around this table.  This table that now somehow seems smaller but no less comfortable.  I didn't want to go to bed.  So I cut out some quilt pieces and sat until I could put into words how my heart feels.  So much of this home is just like it was when my dad died 39 years ago.  I think of it now, I suppose as Father's Day approaches.  His 51 year old face frozen in my mind and heart.  My older sis, brother, and myself have passed his age.   All with a bit of terror I might add, how could we do that?  It just seemed wrong.  I still feel his presence because as the baby, I still remember his  presence so well.

I suppose it is time for lights out - 1:30 am.  the farmers will be up shortly to start milking.  I am going to crawl into the bed that served me well as a teen.  Hopefully tomorrow - I throw some pic's up here.   Night for now from Leicester NC   I believe this is God's country so I shall rest well.