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Friday, March 29, 2013

I have been testing the waters with a new endeavor. I have always wanted to create something as a keepsake for family and loved ones so I started 2 yrs ago with a quilted wall hanging. "Cats". A creature, of many, that are dear to my heart. One year later, May 2012, our Grandson was born and on his "birthday" we delivered the "Monkey on a Bicycle". His dad is a marathon bike rider so this seems an appropriate theme. I failed to mention that he had a big sister for which I had not made a quilt. So early this year I found the cutest play quilt. At first I was going to use fabric as close to the picture as I could ??? I don't know why, it just seemed it would make the task easier. I bought the fabric a little at a time and started cutting. When I would go to the fabric store I started seeing the right colors but in prints that meant something to me and our family. The end product had bits and pieces of 4 generations. I have many projects in planning stages and hope to feel better soon so I can get started . I thank all of you who have been such an inspiration. AND I am going to enter every contest I can in order to stay within my budget and still get the most beautiful, and finest products on the market. I want these items to last - not sure why but my heart tell me so. I guess it's because I feel such a kindred spirit when friends and family show me their quilts from days gone by. I hope I am able to get the pics I want up here as I do want to keep up with what I do.