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Thursday, July 4, 2013


During my recuperation from oral surgery I have come to realize several things during my recovery time. I normally am moving so fast that I don't give myself time to stop and reflect on what is going on around me. So here are three things that I have learned in the past 24 hours.

First I would like to know where IV sedation along with nitrous oxide used in conjunction with oral surgery has been my entire life. If this has been the norm and I had known about it my teeth would be in a whole lot better shape today. I also didn't know that having oral surgery,such as I did, that it would take so much out of me. I slept most of yesterday. I stayed up for a couple of hours but I quickly went back to sleep and slept until 730 this morning which is something that I haven't done in years. I am also a firm believer that when anyone has any type of surgery where one is sedated, that their loved ones should take the cell phones away from them. Tell them the battery is dead, tell them that the cellular towers are down, tell them anything they will believe it just keep their cell phones away from them.

2nd. Several months ago I complained about muscle cramps in my legs and in my shoulder. My fabulous doctor suggested I take magnesium citrate 400 mg a day, he told me I could get it in various places but to buy on Amazon from Solgar would be the least expensive and was what and where he purchased his, so I tried it. It was no quick fix but I soon realized after about three weeks that my cramps were lessening, I unfortunately ran out about a week ago and I have noticed that those cramps are coming back and my shoulder is hurting tremendously so it may be a little late but I ordered another bottle today. So if you're bothered by leg cramps shoulder cramps just muscles cramping badly, try magnesium citrate by Solgar 400 mg a day is only $7.12 for 60 caplets, on Amazon. I tried other magnesium but I could not find the citrate and nothing worked until I tried the magnesium citrate. Dr. Rucker told me that it was the citrate is best absorbed by the body.

3rd. I also learned today that you should doublecheck your washcloths before using. You see, multiple washcloths are held together by a little tiny T of plastic. If you miss that little tiny T, which is easy to do because it is tiny and clear, it can hurt you and even put your eye out. No, I did not put my eye out but it did leave a little red mark on my shoulder before I realized that I was scratching myself. Ouch!
I am thankful for the rain because without it yesterday today and tomorrow I would feel guilty about not being outside and working. I am thankful for my family who is taking care of me. I am thankful for my pets who have surrounded me and slept on me. I am thankful for my extended family and friends who have prayed for me and called to check on me.

I know this time of relaxation and reflection is almost over but I'm going to milk it for another couple hours, for tomorrow I'm sure the sun will shine and my family, well my family will soon be tired of taking care me and will be relying on my strengths, those strengths that make me the mom and wife , washer, shopper, caretaker, caregiver, chauffeur; all the things for which they are accustomed. I am thankful for the time off but I'm thankful that I will be able to resume my duties and in a whole lot less pain that I have been the past several weeks.

Please forgive any errors. I'm not sure I should have been given full rights to my iPad yet.